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Force Sync of Constituent or Contact

With the new V2 Sync functionality, ALL Contacts and Constituents no longer automatically sync to create a Contact Record in Business Central. Instead, a Constituent or Contact first syncs when a Request is "Approved" or a Gift is created in akoyaGO CRM for this organization or individual.
Follow the steps below to force a sync to Business Central for a Contact or Constituent created in akoyaGO CRM that will only be paid directly in Business Central via Purchase Invoices (aka no payments or gift payments are going to be created for this Contact or Constituent in akoyaGO CRM.)


  What Will Auto-Sync with Sync V2? 

When a Payment or Gift Payment is created for this Contact or Constituent, the "Is Vendor" or "Is Customer" field will automatically update to YES.
Please note Payments are auto-created when an Approved Request is created from the Request Quick Create and when a Pending Request is approved. Gift Payments are auto-created when a Gift is entered from the Gift Quick Create.

When the "Is Vendor" or "Is Customer" field is updated to YES, the Constituent or Contact syncs to Business Central. 


  How to Force a Sync for Vendors who are NOT Grantees

For vendors you enter as Constituents/Contacts in akoyaGO CRM, but will only pay directly with purchase invoices through BC, you need to manually update the "Is Vendor" to YES to force the sync.

This field is found on the Internal Tab of the Constituent or Contact record.

Once you update "Is Vendor" to YES, click “Force Coupling of this Record.” This will sync the Constituent or Contact to Business Central.

Once the record has successfully synced, the Last BC Coupling (date) and Last BC Coupling Detail will populate. This confirms the record has synced to Business Central.