v 1.01; 2/15/2023

Entering constituents



Constituent records are for any organization or vendor that interacts with your foundation. 

A Primary Contact is the person that you’d contact if you had a question about the constituent. 




start with a quick search


Select Constituents from the Navigation Bar. 


Do a quick search to be sure the Constituent isn’t already entered in akoyaGO. Remember to use * as your wildcard. So if you were searching for a youth center, you would enter “*youth” in the search bar. 


If you do you not see your Constituent listed, move on to the next step.  

create new constituent record


Click new in the Command Bar. 



Enter all required information, and any optional information that you have.  

  • Enter the Constituent Name as it should appear in publications 

  • Use AKA for acronyms and “formerly known as” data 

  • akoyaGO will automatically add “https://” to the beginning of the Website field data 

  • Zip Code will populate the City and State fields when entering an address 

You’ll notice that one of the required fields is Primary Contact. A Primary Contact is the person that you’d contact if you had a question about the constituent. The Primary Contact field is a lookup field, meaning that you’ll use it like a Quick Search to find the record you want to link here. If you do not see correct record after searching, you can add a new record right there. 


After you’ve entered as much data as you can, click save in the Command Bar to save your record.  


You’ll know your record has saved because that name of the Constituent will replace the words “New Constituent” at the top of the record. 



Need assistance? We’re here for you! 

Send any questions to or 1-877-767-6703